Top three summer destinations from Liverpool/Manchester

We’ve picked out three places people flying from the North West are travelling to more than anywhere else. We’ve tried to pinpoint exactly what it is about these places that is making people part with their hard-earned cash to visit them – as well as highlight the experiences you have to seek out if you are lucky enough to be heading to one of these places this summer.

As always, we’ve also included our favourite ways to alleviate the stress, boredom, and frustration that traveling can so often bring.


One of the most enduringly popular destinations for holidaymakers, Palma welcomes thousands of UK residents to its shores year after year. As well as benefitting from reliably warm and sunny summers, the Mallorcan capital also boasts streets lined with boutiques, galleries and bookshops.

It’s also famed for its food: so, after you’ve finished lounging on one of the city’s many beaches, you can pick up fresh produce at the markets or dine at a waterfront restaurant.


For people travelling from the North West’s two airports – Liverpool and Manchester – city breaks are just as popular as Mediterranean escapes this summer. One destination that has grown in popularity is Belfast. It has always possessed areas of outstanding natural beauty – the Giant’s Causeway and the Dark Hedges spring to mind – but it is a part of Northern Ireland that has been highlighted by their inclusion in the incredibly popular TV show Game of Thrones, driving even more tourists to visit.

Titanic Belfast also opened recently, which provides a fascinating insight into thehistoric shipyard where the Titanic was constructed.


One of the newer destinations that has seen increased traffic this summer is Copenhagen. Beyond its picturesque appearance (for many, the image of the city that lingers long in the memory after their visit is that of waterways lined by towering ships and colourful buildings) the Danish capital is home
to one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, two royal palaces, an iconic Little Mermaid statue, as well as a plethora of museums, gardens, restaurants and nightclubs. Copenhagen is a haven for cyclists too.

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