Transfers to Goodison Park

As one of the Premier League’s most historic teams, it is no surprise that fans flock from as far afield as Thailand to visit Goodison Park.  And if you’ve travelled a long way to see your favourite team play live, you are going to want to make sure your travel arrangements – including your taxi transfer – are absolutely airtight. Why travel thousands of miles by plane only to see a local taxi firm deprive you of the chance to realise one of your lifelong dreams?

Even if you’ve come to see the blues play from slightly closer to home, an errant taxi service can still be the reason you catch just a fraction of the 90 minutes you were supposed to see in their entirety. When you consider that drivers have matchday traffic to contend with too, it is absolutely imperative to have an experienced hand behind the wheel. At Cyllenius Travel Services, we are fortunate enough to have a great team capable of getting you to Goodison Park as quickly and safely as possible, no matter where you’ve travelled from. So, instead of looking up a Goodison Park map or Googling ‘How to get to Goodison Park from London’, you should get in touch with Cyllenius Travel Services today for a transfer service you can rely on.

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How getting to/from Goodison works with Cyllenius

Our staff are extremely well versed in the intricacies of Liverpool’s roads – and this pays dividends on matchday. Our drivers will always find a way to circumvent matchday traffic and take the fastest route possible to Goodison Park. If you’ve jumped in a cab only to see an inexperienced and ill-informed driver plug in the Goodison Park postcode, you’ll know that you are inviting disaster. Thankfully, you won’t catch our drivers googling something that calls their navigational nous into question (‘how far is Everton from Liverpool’ springs to mind). By eliminating precious minutes from your journey, our drivers will always get you to Goodison in time for kick-off.

With vehicles of differing sizes and shapes at their disposal, Cyllenius are able to transport you regardless of the size of your party. We have 52 person coaches, 8 seater minibuses, luxury Mercedes as well as a whole range of estate cars. You needn’t worry about having masses of luggage in tow either. Our vehicles have more than enough room; some of them even come with bottled water and charging ports.

When you’ve got a kick off to make and matchday traffic to contend with, there is no better travel company to have on side. Cyllenius Travel Services is determined to prevent a simple taxi journey from derailing any football fan’s day.

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