Travel Essentials

Whatever obstacles you encounter on your travels, we can help you overcome it all to get to your destination with a minimum of fuss. Part of the solution is making travel arrangements that maximise comfort and minimise stress, but having the right equipment can help too.  We’ve put together a list of our favourite travel essentials to make your next trip go smoothly.

Neck pillow

No matter how much you squirm and wriggle, it can feel almost impossible to get into a comfortable position when you’re sat bolt upright on a flight. Bringing along your own neck pillow gives you the best chance to get some sleep even when you’re stuck in an uncomfortable seat. You don’t need to worry about it taking up too much space in your luggage either, there’s a range of options that shrink to a fraction of their typical size – from inflatable pillows to jackets that double as a pillow.


If you want to drown out the annoying din of fellow passengers, the rattle of trolleys and the humming and whirring of the aircraft itself, noise-cancelling headphones are perfect. Listening to music or a podcast is a great way to alleviate the ennui of a long journey. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to sleep through the flight, you might want to consider a pair of headphones that combine comfort and quality.

Portable charger

Many of us depend on our phones to carry vitally important travel documentation – boarding passes, contact information and booking details. When you’re dashing around the house frantically packing, it’s easy to forget to charge your phone. Avert a crisis at the airport by bringing a portable charger. When you’re abroad, you won’t even need to worry about getting your hands on an adapter – something that can be prohibitively expensive to buy in airports.


A good book is a must for a trip abroad. Losing yourself in a book is a great way to while away time spent sunbathing by the pool or on the beach. It’s also a great way to make a day-long flight feel like minutes. The problem with getting through your summer reading list is the space it’d take up in your luggage – not to mention the weight. An e-reader packs all of your reading into one, small, lightweight tablet. The latest models are waterproof too!


If you aren’t much of a reader, a tablet is a stellar alternative. Packed with apps, you can occupy yourself playing games, listening to music or watching your favourite films or TV shows. Tablets are small and sleek enough to fit into your luggage without a problem but have a large enough display to make viewing enjoyable.

Liverpool Airport Transfers/ Manchester Airport Transfers

As much as taking all of these different things along with you will help keep the stress, monotony and discomfort of travel to a minimum, they aren’t a substitute for making quality, reliable travel arrangements. We have spent years perfecting airport transfers for people flying in or out of the North West. So, if you’re looking for reliable service from a friendly team, look no further than travel provider Cyllenius Travel Services. 

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