Choosing a taxi company with the right credentials

Becoming a well-established and respected taxi service comes with years of hard work, consistency and an excellent group of drivers. Just getting your taxi service up-and-running takes a lot of work. To comply with industry standards, there are a set of requirements that have to be met to ensure that the service is up to scratch. They are so important to uphold because they guarantee the safety of everyone involved and put customers in the best place possible to receive a level of service they are going to be satisfied with.

MOTs, driving licences, driving insurance and operator’s licences: all of these qualifications are far more than inconsequential pieces of paper, it’s the bare minimum that every customer expects their chosen taxi service to have met.

Licence and insurance

All our drivers are vastly experienced and vetted to ensure they have all the necessary credentials. All of our drivers are hard-working, have an extensive understanding of the North West’s roads, and are extremely friendly. Just have a read of our testimonials page to see glowing endorsements from happy customers.


Having a valid MOT is a prerequisite for driving your car on the road. Without a valid MOT, you not only run the risk of being prosecuted, you are also endangering yourself and every single person in the car. An MOT signifies that the vehicle has been comprehensively checked – everything from the lights, tyres, brakes, steering, windows and fuel system is up to scratch. Anything that could even pose the slightest risk to the car’s roadworthiness is identified and plans to fix any issues are immediately made. Any concerns are dealt with before the car can go back on the road, securing the safety of everyone who travels in it.

Operator’s licence

An operator’s licence gives the company has. It also ensures that the base of operations, wherever that is, works without disturbing the occupants of the buildings that surround it. With taxis working irregular hours, it is essential for the hub of the business to be located in an area that isn’t going to interfere with the daily lives of nearby residents.

We understand that having all of this documentation is the bare minimum you’d expect from any taxi company. But hopefully, we’ve managed to explain the dire importance of these things. You can rest assured that we strive to go beyond what is expected of us; we aren’t content to offer our customers a just satisfactory service. We want every person who takes a seat in one of our vehicles to come away completely happy with the service they have received. Whether it’s an airport transfer to Manchester for a family of four or a luxury chauffeur service that takes a business client to an important meeting, customers can expect the same high standard every time.

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