Travel trends for 2019

Travel trends for 2019

The New Year is a time for change. We vow to change our bodies, our habits and our lifestyles. 2019 promises to change travel too. Travel trends for the forthcoming year are reflective of the modernising world and the shifting concerns of those who inhabit it. From eco-friendly trips to bleisure, we’ve created a whistle-stop tour of the global travel trends that are set to dominate 2019.

Bite-sized travel trips

Materialism is out. Experiences are in. In 2019, holidaymakers are expected to look for something slightly different from their trips abroad than they have in the past. Instead of spending weeks lounging at the beach, travellers are expected to try to cram as much as possible into as short a time period as possible. This new trend has been termed ‘bite-sized travel.’ Expect shorter holidays with packed itineraries aplenty this year.


As the consequences of climate change begin to look ever direr, environmental concerns are becoming more and more widespread. And awareness of the environmental impact of our actions isn’t just shaping how we use energy and water, it’s also influencing how we travel. Eco-tourism is growing in popularity despite it being considered, by some, to be an oxymoron. After all, air travel is by some distance the most environmentally damaging mode of transport but that isn’t stopping travellers from recognising this and taking steps to nullify some of the damage it causes.

Travellers are more willing to carry out activities that will offset the damage caused by their journey. That extends to the scourge of plastic too. Some holidaymakers are content to visit beaches littered with discarded plastic bottles to help pick them up, sort them and distribute them for recycling.


In 2019, the line between business and leisure is becoming increasingly blurry. The portmanteau ‘bleisure’ was coined in 2009; and since the phenomenon has been studied since 2011, it has shown year-on-year growth. In 2019, ‘bleisure’ is expected to continue to grow in popularity. With many businesses electing to stay in high-end accommodations in the most expensive areas of their destinations, there are typically a range of exciting amenities close to hand. Businesses value how these kinds of trips can boost employee morale and broaden their cultural horizons – as well as benefit the business. If you are travelling to or from Manchester Airport, why not consider our Manchester chauffeur service?

2019 is set to usher in more environmentally and socially-conscious travel, as well as corporate trips that blend business and leisure. If you’re travelling abroad from any of the UK’s many airports or ferry terminals, you should consider getting in touch with Cyllenius Travel Services. With friendly, knowledgeable drivers and a range of vehicles at their disposal, we can tailor our service to match your exact requirements. Whether it’s airport transfers in Liverpool or airport transfers in Manchester, we’ve got you covered.

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