A Guide to Corporate Travel Services

A Guide to Corporate Travel Services

Because the success of a business meeting is so dependent on so many different moving parts – even an overlooked administrative detail can delay a taxi and place a meeting in jeopardy – you want to be absolutely certain that the company you have placed your trust in to chauffeur your employees from one location to another is more than capable of fulfilling your requirements to a tee. To help you become a more discerning traveller, here are some of the qualities you should be seeking out to make your corporate travel arrangements an unmitigated success.

Knowledge and Experience

Corporate travel brings with it a certain set of expectations – unparalleled service, expert knowledge of the surrounding area, and a swift and safe journey. Without these minimum requirements being met, what is the value of a chauffeur service over a regular taxi? That is why at Cyllenius we are meticulous in our preparations for each of our corporate clients. We have a great deal of experience in this specialised field – we have been trading for 17 years and all of our drivers are committed to providing a stellar service for each and every client.


The versatility of a prospective travel service is an important consideration for any business owner. That versatility and adaptability can extend to being able to cater for different groups of people or different numbers of people, and any corporate travel service worth its salt will be able to do both. Part of this comes from having understanding and diverse staff, and the other half comes from having a well-stocked fleet of vehicles.

At Cyllenius, we are fortunate enough to have both. We can tailor our services to your specifications – if you would feel more comfortable with a female driver for example, this can be arranged. Similarly, we have a range of vehicles that can cater to different parties equally well. Possessing the perfect blend of luxury and speed, our Mercedes Estate cars are ideal for parties no larger than four whilst our MPV luxury vehicles are best suited for larger groups.


Ensuring that the values of your business co-align with those of your prospective travel service may seem superfluous, but it is increasingly being ascribed more and more significance – just look at the destructive impact Uber’s lopsided company culture has had on its reputation. Amongst chauffeur travel services, Cyllenius has the rare distinction of having a female owner. Tracy Price is our own player-manager, as she also drives. With Cyllenius, you needn’t fret over any potential company culture clashes – you can rest assured that your company culture will mesh seamlessly with our own.


While comfort, and even luxury, certainly has its place in corporate travel, ultimately, corporate travel is often arranged for a single purpose – making money. And if great value travel arrangements can be made, then you can guarantee that business owners will jump at the opportunity. Offering supreme affordability for a luxury service, Cyllenius is well-placed amongst its competitors to provide business owners with a superb value service.

When deciding on corporate travel, it can be tricky to find the right chauffeur. Manchester corporate travel however, is best served by Cyllenius Travel Services. If you are looking for a quality corporate travel service in the North West, look no further than Cyllenius.

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