The Football Fan’s Guide to Travelling to the North West

The Football Fan’s Guide to Travelling to the North West

Navigating the tricky world of travel in an unfamiliar area can be confusing at the best of times and trip-ruining at the worst. Abroad, linguistic differences and a lack of familiarity with local customs can make planning and executing travel arrangements especially bewildering. For football fans travelling thousands of miles to see a single 90 minute match, even the most seemingly insignificant setback can render the entire trip meaningless. At Cyllenius Travel Services, we understand that ensuring your travel arrangements go to plan is exceedingly important and, as a result, we have put together this guide to help you do exactly that.

Airport travel tactics

When time is at a premium, any opportunities to take a shortcut should be welcomed. One such opportunity is checking in online prior to arrival at the airport. By setting aside seconds to enter your booking details online beforehand, you can save yourself minutes or even hours at the airport. Your details are delivered directly to your phone and you can glide through with smug satisfaction.

Partner with a speedy and efficient chauffeur service in Manchester

Choosing a chauffeur service in Manchester that you can really depend on is of critical importance. If you are travelling into the North West on the day of the game, as well as accounting for the typical congestion you can expect to encounter, you will also have to contend with a steady stream of matchday traffic. And that is where the difference between travel services becomes truly apparent. Having catered for football fans travelling to Anfield for seventeen years, Cyllenius Travel Services drivers are more than well-versed in the best routes to take. We strive to provide an efficient service that will give you more time in the places you have paid to see, and less time in transit.

Helpful and understanding staff are just as important

The speed of our service does not come by compromising customer service however. All of our team are friendly, approachable and understanding and have years of experience. Language barriers are not an issue for our staff, and we are committed as a business to tailoring our service to our customers, ensuring every single customer feels as comfortable as possible.We offer special rates for football fans and we can even arrange meet and greet services.

Important to note for entry to the stadium

If you’ve travelled from abroad, you want to be 100% certain that you will be able to immerse yourself in the matchday experience in its totality and having an understanding of the factors that can prevent this from happening is imperative. Large bags and luggage (backpacks, briefcases and suitcases) are not permitted into the stadium, and a silly overlooked detail such as this can completely derail a once-in-a-lifetime trip. At Anfield for example, the pre-match build up begins four hours before kick-off and you can sample the stadium’s take on street food and really soak up the burgeoning atmosphere. Additionally, it is important to arrive at the stadium no later than 45 minutes before kick-off.

With these tips and tricks, you should be well-positioned to have the footballing trip you’ve always dreamed of!

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