Summer holiday destinations on the rise

With 1st June rapidly approaching, and many Brits packing their suitcases in preparation for summer trips abroad, we’ve decided to cover some of the most popular – as well as some underappreciated and newly successful – locations. According to the ABTA (the UK’s largest travel association), in spite of the turbulence and uncertainty caused by Brexit, more of us are travelling overseas in 2019 than we have at any other time in the last seven years.


Many travel providers have highlighted the burgeoning popularity of Eastern Europe in 2019. With the pound falling in value, holidaymakers are keen to make their money go further. Bulgaria has seen rising numbers of Brits visiting. Plovdiv, named the European Capital of Culture for 2019, is sure to see increased footfall this summer. Set on seven hills like Rome, Plovdiv is Europe’s oldest continuously inhabited city. Alongside its romantic old town, complete with cobblestone streets, Plovdiv also hosts music and arts festivals.


Greece too, is set to welcome a whole host of Brits this summer. Of particular interest to travellers is the city of Thessaloniki. Thanks to its redeveloped waterfront, it is undergoing something of a resurgence. The rich and varied history of the place – it features Roman, Byzantine and Turkish architecture – combined with the hospitability of the locals and the abundance of restaurants and bars that line every street corner – have made Thessaloniki a must-visit destination. And with the stunning world heritage sites Philippi and Vergina just a short drive away, it is easy to see why so many regard Thessaloniki the country’s cultural capital.

Costa Rica

Holidaymakers are increasingly concerned with environmental protection and conservation, and Costa Rica, as a world leader in conservation, with an impressively preserved diversity of fauna and flora, is a tropical paradise. Lush rainforests house capuchins and caimans. Farm-to-table restaurants, that genuinely benefit locals, give you the opportunity to eat the freshest local produce. And with white water rafting, surfing and zip-lining all readily available, it’s the perfect summer escape for those who love diving into activities.

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