How to win over a wavering client

If you’ve got that much sought after client that, for whatever reason, you just can’t quite manage to get on board, we think we’ve got something that can help: a luxury corporate travel service. We are, by no means, suggesting that turning up in an expensive car alone is enough to clinch a new customer, but it can definitely be a separator. The efficiency, comfort and care offered by a well-regarded corporate chauffeur service can nudge a wavering prospect into a committed customer. Here’s why:


Arriving on time to any pre-arranged meeting is a minimum expectation for any business deal. Punctuality is a cornerstone of professionalism. Unfortunately, as much as we’d like to, we can’t control every single detail of the journey. Errant driving, a malfunctioning sat-nav and ill-timed breakdowns can derail even the most meticulously planned journey. Cyllenius’ informed drivers, rigorously assessed fleet of vehicles and adaptive notification system effectively removes the risk of unforeseen circumstances making you late.


Piling into a cramped car for a long journey can lead to frayed tempers. Pick a deluxe experience with Cyllenius’ chauffeur in Manchester and you can settle into a spacious, comfortable vehicle equipped with charging ports, Wi-Fi and bottled water. So, if you need to respond to an email, top up your laptop’s battery, or rehydrate, we’ve got you covered. A relaxed setting will put you at ease and allow you to adopt a positive, unhurried outlook ahead of an important meeting.


If you’ve agreed to travel to a meeting, this may well mean making your own way there. If you’ve decided to travel by car, you’ve lost a potentially significant chunk of your day. When you’re at the wheel, you can’t do anything else. No time for brainstorming last minute tweaks to the sales pitch, no time to put your mind at ease with a reassuring re-examination of your notes and no time to comb through your presentation slide-by-slide, removing any niggling oversights that can infuriatingly blight an otherwise flawless pitch.

Of course, if all you need to do is make and field a few calls while you drive, you can do so safely with the aid of a hands-free headset. Even so, work should have your undivided attention and distractedly labouring through a series of calls is far from the best way to prepare for an important meeting.

A warm welcome

If the group you’re meeting with is travelling from abroad, there are few better ways to create a stellar first impression than welcoming them to the city with one of our luxury airport transfers. It shows that you really value their time. We also like to think we can act as an extension of your brand: a fastidious, goal-oriented company with excellent communication.

At Cyllenius, we are obsessed with providing a consistently fantastic service. We want every customer to be completely content with their travel arrangements. With Cyllenius, you can expect to travel comfortably, arrive on time and benefit from a spate of added extras. Whether it’s a casual preliminary chat or a crucial pitch, you can count on Cyllenius to help you get there safely.

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