Holiday checklist: What you need to know before heading to the airport

The Ultimate Holiday Checklist

Slamming your front door shut and unloading your holiday bags into the back of a taxi cab for an airport transfer should fill you with a sense of giddy excitement at the thought of the trip ahead. It is more likely however, that the journey to the airport is instead permeated by a feeling of niggling unease and anxiety about the essentials you may have left behind. The only thing worse than these fears is having them actually confirmed upon your arrival at the airport. With the aim of ensuring this never happens to you, we have put together this checklist that provides a reminder of everything you should know before embarking on your journey abroad.

Hold luggage

If you’re going away for any period of time longer than a few days, chances are you’ll be taking a suitcase sizeable enough to warrant placing it in the hold. As easy as it is to get carried away cramming your suitcase full to pre-empt every possible eventuality, you have to resist this urge if you want to avoid paying an additional fee. For most airlines, the maximum permissible weight for baggage tops out somewhere in the region of 20kg to 30kg. Restrictions extend to the size of luggage too. Generally speaking, bags can’t be any larger than around 150cm in total (length + width + height). Some airlines do away with size restrictions and instead rely solely on weight. Where possible then, the best advice we can give you is to pack light.

Hand luggage

One of the biggest headaches of airport travel is negotiating security. The vast majority of the time, you’ll find that the length of time you spend dawdling in security queues far exceeds that of the time you spend queuing to check-in. The reason for this disparity is the rigorous restrictions on the kinds of items you are and aren’t admitted to board a plane with. With an understanding of these restrictions before you set off to the airport, you can circumnavigate all of the trials and tribulations of turning up with poorly packed luggage.


By some distance, the most queried set of items are liquids. Oils, pastes, gels and sprays are all subject to the same intense scrutiny. Where possible then, liquids, whether semi-liquid foods like syrups and honeys or cosmetics like mascara and lip gloss, should be placed in your hold baggage. If this isn’t feasible though, all liquids must be held in a container no larger than 100ml, in a 20x20cm transparent, resealable bag. You’ll find them at the entrance to security but you won’t be able to get your hands on them without shelling out some cash. The only exemptions to the rule are for essential medical purposes (supported by documentation from a qualified professional), special dietary requirements and baby food and milk.

To keep the amount of time you spend in security to a minimum, it is best practice to allot some time to organising your liquids before you leave home. You can howeveer bypass all this hassle by ordering your toiletries and cosmetics online, and have them delivered to the airside shop. Once you’ve cleared security, you can then pick up the items you’ve ordered regardless of their size – easy.

Electrical equipment

Excepting flights to the UK from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, there are relatively few regulations limiting electrical equipment. In the aforementioned journeys, all phones, laptops, tablets and e-readers exceeding 16cm in length, 9.3cm in width and 1.5cm in depth have to be stashed in luggage to be placed in the hold. In the most part though, the only requirement limiting electronic devices is that they are charged – if asked, you must be able to switch them on. It doesn’t matter whether these devices are situated in your hand luggage or in baggage you have checked in. The only exception is e-cigarettes, which are only permitted in hand luggage.

Ready for departure!

A quick scan through this list before departure and you should be more than ready for your trip. By ensuring you have packed correctly, abiding by all of the applicable rules and regulations, you should have a smooth journey, free from issues and complications. To book airport transfers in Manchester or airport transfers in Liverpool, or even airport transfers from Liverpool to Manchester or vice versa, please get in touch with us today. To travel in supreme style, you can even book our professional chauffeur service. You can do so by phone, email or through our online contact form.

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