Corporate travel management from Cyllenius

Getting set up with a corporate travel management plan

Putting a corporate travel management account in place is a great idea for most organisations. If you regularly welcome guests into the city via the train station or the airport.

Our corporate travel services could see them collected smoothly and professionally, by a friendly driver in a comfortable, well equipped vehicle.

If your team members travel often, you could save the need for them to pay.

Set up a corporate travel management account with us and taking care of the payment via invoice.

What is a corporate travel management account?

You won’t find many travel companies in Liverpool that operate like Cyllenius.

Some companies in Liverpool allow you to pay for your trip by card,

Cyllenius takes this convenience a step further, providing a full chauffeur service that can be paid for after the fact, on pre-agreed invoice terms.

Apply for an account now, letting us know your preferred invoice terms, whether it is 3 or 30 days.

When you use cyllenius travel to collect a guest we send you a itemised invoice, this is payable via credit card or BACS.

Corporate travel services you can rely on

Here at Cyllenius we go above and beyond to supply you with the best corporate travel services.

Most people use our corporate travel management account for airport pick ups and drop offs.

You can be sure that we are monitoring flight schedules and traffic and is ready to adjust travel times accordingly.

Be sure that the car will turn up spotless, with a supply of water and charging points available.

Of course, with a corporate travel management account, the passenger won’t need to worry about paying.

If you arrange a lot of travel for your company and would like to discuss setting up a corporate travel management account, simply contact us today and talk to one of our helpful team.

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