12 Tips for Christmas Flights

Bringing you help with your Christmas flights

Jumping on one of the many Christmas Flights this December? If you’re jetting away on holiday or catching a flight this festive season, let us help you with traveling stressfree and ensuring you have an enjoyable journey.

Here are some handy travel tips and rules you should be applying this Christmas:

Tip 1 – Book early. Airports are very busy at this time of year, and for Cyllenius Travel it’s no different so don’t forget to give us a call. 

Tip 2 – Think and debate as long as you like. However, flights between mid-December and the end of the first week in January sell out very fast. If you see a cheap flight, grab it fast while you can!

Tip 3 – If travel is involved, the sooner you and your family decide who is hosting Christmas this year, the better. Then you can work out who is driving and who is traveling.

Tip 4 – Good things do not always come to those to wait. If you wait for the cheap flight you want, you may not get a seat at all. Christmas flights often sell out completely, and we get booked up fast too. You want that seat, you better act fast!

Tip 5 – Traffic is busier at this time of the year, and the weather can cause havoc to best-laid plans, but fail to plan then plan to fail; so plan ahead and allow extra time.

Tip 6 – Thousands of travelers are looking for a seat on a flight between mid-December and the end of the first week in January. Chances are, it’s the same seat you’re looking for. Who will get the seat first!?

Tip 7 –  Cosy up to your calendar. For a lower fare, consider flying early in the morning or late at night. Be flexible with your dates and days of the week. Flights for which there is lower demand may have lower fares.

Tip 8 – Peak travel may mean peak prices. Everyone wants to fly non-stop on the last Friday before Christmas, the Friday before New Year’s Eve or to a sun destination between Christmas and New Year’s. Seats sell so quickly at peak travel times, the higher-priced seats are often all that’s left.

Tip 9 –  Be flexible, look for connecting flights as well as non-stop ones to give yourself as many options as possible.

Tip 10 –  Widen your search. When comparing fares, don’t forget to look at other airports that may be close by. For example, if you’re traveling to Germany look at flying maybe into Zurich airport. For Northern Italy check out France.

Tip 11 – Finding a Christmas flight that works for you can involve a lot of screen time. More often than not, the people who get the seats they want have put a fair bit of effort into it.

Tip 12 –  Pack your patience. When it comes to traveling over the holiday season, there is no busier place than an airport at that time of year so stay relaxed, after all, you are about to head on your holidays!

Hopefully, Cyllenius Travel Services has been able to give you some essential tips to help you on your travel’s this year. 

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