Booking a corporate chauffeur service during the festive period

Cyllenius Travel Services Corporate Chauffeur

The festive period brings with it many things: Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Christmas cards, advent calendars, scrambling to buy presents for friends and family, and, most importantly, Christmas parties. As with almost anything to do with Christmas, there is an element of stress involved – and Christmas parties are certainly no exception. Finding a date that suits everyone and picking out a venue that caters to all tastes and diets is enough of a headache. When you factor in organising transport too, it becomes an increasingly complex and borderline intolerable challenge. So, if you’ve been tasked with arranging transport for your Christmas function, what should your next steps be and what should you be looking for before settling on a corporate chauffeur service?


Punctuality is a hallmark of any quality transport service. A service that is late is no service at all. If a taxi doesn’t turn up on time, you risk missing your reservation altogether. And when it is a booking for a large group of people, as work gatherings so often are, the need for punctuality is even more pronounced. A venue can’t keep a sizeable portion of its capacity empty for long. With every minute that passes, they are ceding precious earnings and they’ll be reluctant to hold the table any longer than they absolutely have to. Cyllenius Travel Services has a proven track record of providing consistently timely professional chauffeur services in Liverpool and its surrounding areas. So if you’re looking for a punctual service; it’s time to bring your search to an end.

Availability/ Flexibility

If ever there was time to indulge; it’s Christmas. It can be easy to get swept up in the festive spirit and end up staying out far later than you anticipated. In the festive period, when there are loads of people out celebrating and demand for taxis is at its height, you need a transport service with an unrivalled degree of flexibility and availability. Operating 24/7, Cyllenius is that transport service.


A seldom discussed part of a stellar cab service is a commitment to ensuring the safety of all of its customers. Late at night, customers can feel vulnerable and the onus is on the transport service itself to put customers at ease. Our drivers are well-versed in making customers feel safe and secure. All of our vehicles too, have passed the rigorous safety standards set by the council. With Cyllenius Travel Services, you can rest assured that you will be safely transported from point A to point B.

If you’ve got a Christmas night out coming up, partnering with Cyllenius Travel Services is a choice you can rely on. In the frantic festive period, you need a quality transport company capable of providing its customers with a consistent and reliable service. For corporate nights out, we can even create a bespoke package tailor-made to your requirements so you know you are getting the best service possible.

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