Beat the chaos at Christmas

The festive period is a busy time for everyone. Frantically assembling all the ingredients to feed a gathering of family, friends and acquaintances that seemingly grows every year, scampering from shop to shop to find the perfect present for a loved one, and dragging decorations and ornaments from the loft to furnish your home with the requisite seasonal cheer, are just three of many tiring and time-consuming tasks that preoccupy us in the month of December.

All of this frenetic activity is mirrored on the UK’s roads. As people across the UK travel to spend Christmas with family, motorways can get clogged and cluttered, impeding progress for all involved. The country’s railways are bound to be equally troublesome for travellers: the introduction of a new timetable combined with strikes and staff shortages have culminated in widespread delays and cancellations. To help you circumvent travel troubles this month – and get to where you need to go as quickly and easily as possible – we’ve put together this post.


Unfortunately, congested roads are as much of a Christmas fixture as mince pies. This year, it appears the roads are set to be particularly busy, with the RAC estimating that 31.2 million leisure journeys are going to be made between Tuesday and Sunday this week.

By siding with an experienced provider of travel services like Cyllenius Travel Services, you can keep these issues from dampening your Christmas spirit. Our SMS system alerts passengers to the arrival of their car so you won’t spend longer than you need to in the cold winter air. Additionally, the experience of our drivers means that they’ll find the quickest route to your destination regardless of traffic.

Train travel

The congestion on Britain’s roads is likely to be exacerbated by the confusion and chaos enveloping the railways. At the start of this week, a new rail timetable was introduced. Predictably, the teething problems associated with such a move have crippled the performance of a struggling service already compromised by staff shortages, industrial action and signalling problems. Whether you’re travelling to see friends or attend a family meal, don’t expect to get there on time.

Travel for Christmas parties

Make employees feel properly valued by arranging transport to take them to and from work events. We can work alongside you to provide spacious, comfortable cars stocked with bottled water, Wi-Fi and charging ports to take you quickly and safely to wherever you need to go. Thanks to our comprehensive range of vehicles, we can provide for parties of varying sizes with ease. Get in touch today to arrange a travel solution that works for everyone.

Winter holidays

A particular specialty of ours is our airport transfers. We’ve helped countless customers catch their flight with plenty of time to spare. If you need a lift back from Manchester Airport to Liverpool too, we’d be delighted to help.

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